Air Handling Units

Air Handling Units
Modular construction with corrosion resistant aluminium frame and 20mm double skinned panels manufactured from pre-galavanised mild steel with non-flammable mineral wool infill, for thermal and accoustic insulation. Unit design provides a totally smooth internal surface. THe aluminium profile has two seperated chambers, providing an effective thermal break to eliminate condensation. Profiles are provided with a seating for the neoprene rubber seals and additional seals are fitted between the bag filters which are available up to clas EU 9.

Heater batteries - water or steam and electric, cooling by chiilled water or DX.

COndensate drain trays from sea water resistant aluminium. Moisture eliminator profiles manufactured from plastic PPE

Low profile units for ceiling voids start at 358 mm high and standard units have a maximum square of 1270 mm x 1270 mm

Air handling Unit volumes
Void units up to 9000 m3/h
Square units up to 20000 m3/ph

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